Our staff are back in the clinic and ready to help. We see all manners of conditions and every stage. Knee pain, back pain, neck pain, anxiety, breathing issues, asthma, running form, sports performance, strength and conditioning work, auto immune conditions, inflammation, IBS, endometriosis, sleep disorders...

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Knee and Spinal Clinic physio in Tauranga excels in helping those who have pain and dysfunction anywhere in the body. We help those who have failed common treatment approaches. Helping the tough cases is what we do everyday.


We are a leading provider of physio in Tauranga. Treatment focuses on finding the driver for the pain and movement dysfunction rather than just going straight to where the pain lies. Treatment promotes an integration of concepts from the world’s leading clinicians and researchers and focuses to treat the whole person, restore total body function, and help patients reach their performance goals.The Knee and Spinal Clinic approach excels in helping those patients who have tried common treatment approaches in the past yet are still suffering.



The Knee and Spinal Clinic houses a team of highly trained physiotherapists with expertise in addressing the cause of
your pain rather than merely the site of your pain.

Nigel has been practising physiotherapy for over 20 years. He holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Physiotherapy and a Certificate in Acupuncture and is the only health professional certified as a Wim Hof Method instructor in New Zealand. Nigel spent 9 years in London working with leading surgeons and specialists and also has been the trusted physio to some of Hollywood’s biggest names. He has travelled the world with the A-listers and now Nigel's focus is on complex conditions that have failed common treatment approaches.

Nigel has worked with both elite athletes as well as amateurs. Nigel uses a unique system that looks at the total person rather than a single site of pain. This system helps identify areas of the body that are functioning non-optimally which may account for pain or dysfunction in other parts of the body. Looking beyond the area of pain to find the cause of dysfunction is an integral part of his daily practice. He is proud to call Mount Maunganui home and deliver quality physio to the people of Tauranga.

Nigel Beach
BHSc Physio, Post Grad Dip Sports Physio, Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor, Post Grad Cert Acupuncture
Logan King
BHSc Physio

Logan is thrilled to be back in his home town Tauranga as a physio. He is following his passion for helping people create better experiences in their lives. He has a holistic view at empowering clients to take true control of their capabilities. He will help you understand your condition and set up strategies to maximise your enjoyment in life by helping eradicate pain and restore freedom of movement

Hayley Whiting
BHSc Physio

Hayley had been working in Canterbury until making the move to the Bay this year.

Hayley has completed post graduate studies in Manipulative therapy and sports sideline management and dry needling. Hayley's main sporting interests are netball and rugby. However recently she has been spending most of her time outside work training and competing in Olympic weight lifting. Subsequently Hayley has been selected to represent New Zealand in Olympic weight lifting and she has competed internationally over the last couple of years.

As weight lifting is such a demanding physical sport, Hayley's knowledge of biomechanics and rehabilitation is important for maintaining her good health.

What to Expect

Your initial assessment will begin with a talk about the history of your complaint. We will ask you questions relating to your injury or problem including what your symptoms are and what makes you feel better and worse. We’ll ask about previous injuries or falls, other current or past medical conditions, as well as your daily activities such as work, sports and hobbies in order to determine factors contributing to your problem. We will ask what you aim to achieve by coming to see us which will help form goals for your treatment.


We’ll then do a physical assessment and biomechanical exam to assess your movement and problem areas. Along with the initial discussion about your history, this will help us determine the cause of your pain and dysfunction and how to treat it most effectively and efficiently.


We’ll discuss our findings with you and set up a treatment plan.


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